Summertime + Soludos

Keeping to the “I never wear color and it’s starting to become an issue” fashion, I’ve decided to post yet another OOTD! This outfit was a very throw on and go sort of outfit. I was heading out to do errands and took advantage of the beautiful day to wear something other than an oversized sorority T-shirt and Nike shorts. Don’t get me wrong, I can rock a killer t-shirt for two weeks straight! I just love to take advantage of the weekends to actually put together a fun lil’ outfit.

Today I wore my trusty Soludos Leather Sandals and the Tory Burch crossbody that seems to just go with everything in my closet! I love my beige, Lush skirt with the big oversized pockets (not really seen in this outfit). It adds a little variety to the outfit rather than just being paired with a simple skirt. My sweater kind of gives the looks a “nautical-let’s-go-saling” sort of feel and I got it at Urban Outfitters! The sleeves are belle sleeved and fit right in with the trending lace-up fashion these days. Chokers have been making a comeback lately and I am in absolute love with this one from Free People. It’s a suede wrap with small, colored charms to add a little touch.
Lastly, I have on my favorite, oversized Ray-Bans and my go-to jewelery. You can’t see it very well in these pictures but I wear my random, silver rings varying from David Yurman to small markets in Peru. I also make sure to always have my David Yurman and Alex & Ani bracelets on to complete all of my looks.
Get The Look!
Sunglasses: Quay
Sandals: Soludos

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