New Year, New You!

Welcome to 2016, ladies! I’m so excited to get a head start to this beautiful year! Although the beginning of a new year doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a whole new person, you still receive the sense of a new “beginning.” Its an inspirational start to attempt all the resolutions you thought about beginning in 2015. It’s a chance to be able to look back on the past year and evaluate your experiences, opportunities, and adventures into something even more great!

2015 was a pretty good year for me. I finished my first year of college, traveled to Cancun, changed my “style” a few times, went to Peru on a mission trip, made some lifelong friends in my sorority, spent loads of time with family, had an amazing summer, back home, in California, and started my sophomore year of college with a positive (and less homesick) state of mind!

This makes me hope 2016 will be full of more growing and learning as a person. The feeling of a “clean slate” is the best feeling! It’s the opportunity to grow as a person, make some new dreams, and experience even more adventures as the beautiful human beings you are!

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