Dear Sophomore Year Roommates

Dear ladies of 116,
Even though it wasn’t the longest ride, I honestly have never been more happy than living with you girls. Finding you as roommates was the biggest blessing I could have asked for. In the short time I was able to be with ya’ll, I can 100% say I found my soul sisters.
There are simply no words to describe how lucky I am to have found such amazing friends. Everyday is a completely crazy and new adventure. You girls lift me up anytime (and every time) I’m down, you’re not afraid to give me the truth, you’re always ready to social media stalk and over-evaluate texts to a new boy or let me cry over a heartbreak. I won’t remember the hardships or the boring days to get through, but I’ll remember you girls always being there to help me endure it. My sophomore year was filled with so much love and fun and I can’t begin to express how much you girls shaped it! You truly brought out the happiest side of me. It was filled with way too many of Caroline’s Lean Cuisine spring rolls, debates over Whataburger vs. In n Out, endless snuggles, day long American Horror Story marathons, WAY too much Pizza, amazing Texas margaritas, and 4 girls with an impressive/disgusting Burnett’s addiction and the need to get the light-weight Californian all too drunk.
Thanks for getting through my snarky comments, pushy remarks, and all-too-honest feedback. Thanks for always listening to my rants on life. For sending me a “good luck!” text before every accounting test or funny/uplifting songs when I’m down! Thanks for always letting me cook crazy, complicated recipes and being guinea pigs and trying them. We’ve made a few mistakes, stayed out too late, posed as each other’s wing women at bars, lectured each other to study more, and drank ALL too much wine together.
I know I’m living in the sorority house next year and I’ll be getting a TON of FOMO but with that being said, my room is always there for you guys to crash in between classes and during rush week. You won’t be getting rid of that easy !! You better bet your bottom dollar that I’ll have a key to your house next year and will cook dinner every Sunday! Cheers to the crazy time we had being sophomores, all the fun we’re going to have together as upperclassman, and the exciting adventures we’ll have with each other for ever and a lifetime!
Cheers to the girls that have put up with me, congrats you made it through!!!
the hot mess that lives down the hall

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